Florida Bar

Khurrum is an active and practicing member of the Florida Bar. He sits in several committees.

Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

Khurrum is an active member of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, whose mission is to increase diversity and inclusion in The Florida Bar so that the Bar accurately reflects the demographics of the state. Khurrum has worked hard to develop opportunities for community involvement and to make leadership roles within the profession accessible to all attorneys, regardless of their background.


Federal Court Practice Committee

The Federal Court Practice Committee serves as the Bar’s liaison to the federal courts, federal bar organizations in Florida, the Eleventh Circuit Judicial Conference, and others interested in federal practice. As a member of this committee, Khurrum aids in the distribution of proposed changes to the federal rules, including local rules for federal courts in Florida, and contributes to publications in the Guide to Judicial Practices in Florida’s Federal Courts, which describes the practices of individual federal judges in all three Districts and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. He also attends the Federal Judicial Roundtable at the annual meeting of the Florida Bar.